Why trusting the process is important.

There are times in your life when it just feels like the universe is conspiring to constantly kick you in the teeth.  That no matter what you do, it’s a 1 step forward, 2 steps back kind of feeling.  It can feel really hard to stay positive and keep moving forward.  Now it may not feel like it at the point of pain, but things will improve and I always say, trust the process.  In others words, things have a way of working out.  You just can’t see it yet.  Nor can you believe that things will improve.

Now this may seem like an empty and meaningless thing to say especially if you are currently in a stressful situation at the moment.  It is however a carefully constructed comment.

‘Trust’ (in this context) implies that you have the capacity to believe in your own abilities and for self-conviction.

‘the process’ means that there is a structure and therefore, a progression of things that will produce an outcome.

In plain English: you have been in stressful situations before, have come through them and have the capacity to know, or find out, what you need to do to get though it!

Now I say this with genuine love, not with a ‘just get over yourself’ attitude.  Nor am I saying it to be light and fluffy (I’m pretty crap at light and fluffy).  I am also saying it because I use it myself and if you 100% allow yourself to acknowledge this simple mantra, it will help you’ll come through the other side.

My take on the process is something like this;

  1. Event/situation occurs
  2. You react to the above by going through your default emotion/response e.g. can be anger, fear, angst, tears, logic, detachment (you get the picture).
  3. Next comes your ‘go to’ Generally, this is the let off steam moment where you chat (or rant) to a friend or professional about said situation.
  4. This is followed by going ‘shopping’, so getting the resources and information you need to improve or resolve the situation.
  5. Finally, you take action and implement what is needed to get your resolution.

Sound familiar?  I bet you have been there quite a few times in your life because the only certainly in life is that it’s never going to play ball all the time.

And that’s where the trust part comes into play.  You know that you’ve been there before – might be different circumstances, but it’s still been a stinker.  But after the initial reaction, you have managed to deal with stuff and move on.

You really have got this girlfriend!

So, yes, it can be messy.  Yes, it’s so ok to have a hissy fit, sob or shout and scream.  As long as you then take a moment to breath, then calmly remind yourself, to trust in the process.  You may not see the wood for the trees, but it is there and you will get through to the other side.

And when you get there, celebrate.  Accept the journey you have been on.  Embrace what you have learnt.  Acknowledge the awesome person it has helped you become.

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  1. Remembering that you’ve coped before is a great way to get through the tough times. I was reminded of this by a friend this morning – she’s going through hell at the moment, but is coping because she’s coped before. Nice post.

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