Why I won’t apologize for going AWOL on social media.


So I have been silent for quite a while and taken a long hiatus from social media, choosing to reflect on the direction I want my business to go and working behind the scenes.   The polite thing to have done was to say something and let you know I was going temporarily silent especially when you have elected to follow me.  The truth is, I didn’t actually know exactly ‘why’ I needed to escape, just that I had an absolute need to ‘get out’ of social media.   What exactly would I say to people when I didn’t know my reason?  I had to work it out.  And I’m not so conceited to think many would have noticed anyway.

And it’s fine not to.  No, really, it’s ok.  I get that there are zillions of posts, that social media becomes white noise with so many things vying for your attention.  I get that my posts may not be relevant, engaging, appropriate, or whatever it is that you need right now.  Neither do I like, follow, engage, or comment constantly even if I have read and enjoyed something for a few seconds.

But I’ll be honest, its bloody hard work trying to ‘get it right’, to make the appropriate noise, create the engagement you ‘think’ might be wanted, needed or interesting.  And when it’s a ‘group’ and you are the only one talking, it gets a bit embarrassing and you wonder if you are a bore!  It’s soul sucking, time consuming, energy draining and, at times, made me completely doubt myself as a human being.

Yet it has been a good learning curve and I am now okay with saying, social media is not for me.  It is not the way I want to go.   Social media, for me, lacks the type of connection I want to have with people – I prefer face to face, good old honest conversations with a bit of fun thrown in. Conversations that allow all concerned to have genuine connections, a conversation with flow, a meeting that engages human interaction of body language, sound, real time meaning and the opportunity to query directly rather than stare at words and wonder if meaning has been misinterpreted.


I am sure that there are many marketing strategists and business consultants that would say I am committing business suicide.  Well, I’ve never been that great at doing things just because I am told that’s the way things are done!  For me, if feels like the most genuine stand I have taken in a while.



  • With face to face, I can be 100% committed to the individual and their needs in real time.
  •  I remember a time when we lived without social media.
  • If my 12 year old tells me she thinks that 80% of social media is negative and only 20% is positive, then why would I continue to prioritize this as my main communication method?
  • There is too much abuse and exploitation of people and animals that can be posted and viewed without censorship because it suits the financial pockets of the corporations such as Facebook.  Why would I build my business on those foundations?
  • It’s just so time consuming in the most wrong ways.  I want to spend hours solving your problems not algorithms.
  • I don’t need to be popular with 1,000’s.  I want to work with 1’000’s.
  • It’s not my bag baby!

So there you have it.  My explanation for my silence.  I do apologize to you for not letting you know I was taking time out, but I don’t apologize for wanting to be authentic to both you and myself.

Now I am not for one minute saying social media is a completely immoral, or ignoring the great things that have been achieved by groups, allowing voices to be heard and important issues to be pushed to the forefront.

I’m not saying that I will be completely absent from social media, there is a time and place for it.

And I’m definitely not going to pretend to be good at it.  There are people (and I admire them greatly) that are pure social media brilliance.  It’s just that I’m not one of them and I’m just hunky dory with that.

My time is now going to be spent at what I am good at and what I enjoy.  And in no particular order, that is; helping you find solutions to your emotional needs, writing; creating enjoyable spaces for you to immerse yourself in a bit of self discovery; having adventures; damn good food and wine!

Like just like most things in life, you have choices.  Social media isn’t an important choice for me.  You are.

So if you are ready to get real and want to work with me, check out my current offer – it won’t be around for long.

You will see me now and again on facebook and instagram and my blogs can be read here.

2 Comments on “Why I won’t apologize for going AWOL on social media.

  1. Wise words and so true for so many people, more than we realise I’m sure. In fact the majority of your thoughts I share.

    I don’t use Social Media to communicate on a personal level but do on a business one. Not that I’m after followers, likes or comments more to be a gentle reminder that when some one needs some affordable upholstery they think of me.

    I am however guilty of scrolling through and reading everyone else’s posts even though they rarely actually interest me. It’s a dirty habit that I want to kick! But if I do I wouldn’t see the one occasional post that does interest and inspire me, like this one!


    • Like all dirty habits, they are can be hard to kick!! I find allocating a set time i.e. 10 minutes, helps, along with being clear on why I am scrolling through: am I bored?, procrastinating or genuinely interested in seeing what people are up to. And so true, every now and again, there is something really inspirational or thought provoking that pops up. And of course, I love to give a thumbs up to people doing great work like you:-)

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