When you want to give up on your dreams, think of Beau.

I walk a husky on a regular basis who being very prey driven, loves to hunt and catch mice.  Beau is extremely successful at achieving this.

Now let me give you a bit of context here.  Beau is not freely wandering the Siberian wilderness under his own steam with all the time in the world.  Beau is kept on a lead (he’s an escape artist, he has myself and Lily legs close by creating noise and distraction, there are other dogs and balls being thrown.  We have humans constantly come up to speak to us and pat Beau.  We are in suburban Hertfordshire.

The odds are against him being successful in hunting and catching mice, yet, despite the restraints, distractions, limitations and seemingly impossibility of the task, Beau is successful.

Beau just persists, he keeps sniffing and looking for that opportunity, he will be doggedly (excuse the pun) stubborn refusing to budge until I stop and let him look.  Beau will not be distracted by either myself, other humans or dogs and sticks to the task in hand.  He never, ever gives up in his goal to catch the elusive furry mammal.

So next time you think of giving up on your dreams, think of Beau.  He never gives up.

Next time you hear people saying you will never achieve, think of Beau.  He doesn’t listen to the negatives.

When you see nothing but obstacles, think of Beau.  He overcomes those obstacles.

If you feel overwhelmed and cannot see the wood for the trees, think of Beau.  He sees nothing but the end result.

When everything seems stacked against you, think of Beau.  He is always seeking and then finding an opportunity.

Nothing is impossible with focus, determination, belief and sheer bloody mindedness!


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Photo by Isi Akahome on Unsplash


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