Simple things you can do to nurture your mind and body


Being a mum is hard work and then add into the mix, creating a new working venture and all of a sudden, you forget the most important person.  You.

It is so important to nurture your mind and body.  To create space and time for you.  Self-nurturing will give you a sense of worth, peace, calmness but also, will mean that you are in a place where you can cope better with life and its demands.

I get that everyone is busy and that finance may be an issue but ultimately if you don’t make time for you, you will eventually fall into a heap, unable to cope, feeling frustrated and resentful.

Working on the basis you don’t have a private jet and the funds/time to spend days in an exotic retreat, I have put together some simple things that you can do.  There is something here that everyone can do and if you can try and do something on a daily basis, I guarantee you will start to see benefits very quickly.

Work space make over

Ensure that your work space has a ‘treat’.  I’m talking a scented candle, headphones or mini speaker to listen to music, an inspiring mood board to life the spirits, a delicate bone china cup and saucer for your tea breaks.  You know what will rock your world!  That way, it becomes a positive space that you want to be in and look forward to being in.  Who said that work spaces had to be just functional and utilitarian?!

Go all earth mother!

I will never stop advocating a daily walk!  There is plenty of scientific evidence for the physical and psychological benefits of walking.  It can be a brisk heart pumping walk or a more leisurely one depending on your mood and needs.  If possible, if you have access to green space, utilise this.  Be aware of your surroundings.  What can you hear, smell, see and feel?  Really engage your senses.  I also find that walking helps me to sort my head out.  I often come up with ideas when out and about and if I walk with a friend, well that’s the world put to rights and solutions to problems delivered on a plate!

Be a home spa pro

Create your own pamper haven at home.  You can go all out with the long soak in a bath filled with oils or bubbles, glass of wine, candles – you know the drill!  If you are a bit time poor then create little ‘moments’.  I have a tube of gorgeous hand creams in every room possible so I always have access to a quick hand scented experience.  Put a couple of drops of essential oil in the corner of your shower tray so that the steam carries the aroma up.  Have scented candles or oil burners on the go to create a lovely ambience.  Have a foot or hand soak using sea salt and olive oil as a scrub.  Pinterest is a great place to get some home spa inspiration.

Dance like no-ones looking!

Yup, you heard me right – put together a playlist of tunes that got you on the floor when you were younger and get your groove on!  Doing a mundane task like washing up or cooking?  Get that speaker pumping or slap those headphones on and waves your arms in the air like you just don’t care.  Oh, and don’t forget to let rip with your vocal cords too!  Music, just like exercise is a brilliant mood lifter and rediscovering old school tunes has got to be up there in the top 3 of guilty secret pleasures!

Do something different

Nurture your grey cells and do something you have fancied doing but keep putting off.  Wanted to try your hand at something creative?  Start off with 30 minutes (because you know you can) and see where it goes.  Try a jigsaw puzzle or a book genre you don’t normally read.  As long as it’s something you want to do and it’s new, give it a go.  Not only will you feel stimulated, you will get a sense of achievement at trying something different.

Connect with friends

It can be so easy to become too ‘busy’ and lose touch with friends or not see then very often.  We can also make excuses to not put the effort into making new connections.  Instead of saying to a friend ‘we must catch up’ and doing nothing about it.  Make a specific date.

Most of us can manage an hour somewhere in the week and having that catch up means you can share, compare, problem solve, laugh and let off steam.  There is nothing like a valued friend to put a smile on your face and make the world seem like a much better place.  And don’t forget new connections.  If there is someone that you think you would like to get to know better, take the bull by the horns and arrange a coffee.  What’s the worst that can happen?  But even better, what’s the best thing that could happen?


I trust that the above gives you some useful ideas to get start on.  Like most habits, you have to put in the effort to make it eventually become effortless.  But you are so worth it!  I would love to hear what you do to nurture your mind and body.  Drop a comment below and share the love!  If you have loved this post and would like to get more useful stuff delivered to your inbox, then sign up to my email or pop over to my Facebook group.  Look forward to seeing you.

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

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