Online Programmes

We offer various online programmes including our signature 5 week Beyond the School Gate programme.  The benefit of these are that not only will you finish the programme with a clear sense of purpose and new and exciting insights into how you will move forward, they can also be done from the comfort of your home via a series of webinars (internet classrooms), recordings and weekly emailed exercises that are designed to be flexible enough to fit in with your family life.




Our workshops are usually hands on events that get you really engaged in thinking about the topic and they give you the space to explore your options and what you want to create in your life.

Some of our workshops:

Beyond the School Gate – a signature workshop that is part of our online programme that helps to bring together all the key learnings from the programme as well as connecting and exchanging ideas with other programme attendees.

Coach and Craft – a fantastic workshop that engages the brain and the hands!!!  Firstly you uncover what really makes you tick in a highly engaging and supportive environment  before enjoying a couple of hours of crafty fun – learning new (or not so new but not used in a long time)  creative skills such as jewellery making or needlework skills. 




Feeling lost and confused as to which direction you want to take, keep telling yourself that it’s just too tough to add another thing to your ‘to do list’, are you seeing time slip away and with that, your sense of purpose?

Sometimes you might need a bit of individual assistance to tackle issues, goals and projects that are specific to you.  GrowwithMK offers 1:1 coaching in order to give you tailor made support in a safe and non-judgemental space.

As coaching can take place over the phone, skype or face to face – there are no constraints as to time and place.  Just imagine, you could be in your PJ’s with a glass of wine or sat in your car during whilst waiting for school pick up – the coaching space is only limited by your imagination!!! 




GrowwithMK loves to share ideas, educate and engage with women on their personal journey.  We are happy to come out and chat or tailor make a mini workshop.  Please drop us a line or pick up the phone to check our availability.