How starting a small business is just like having a baby!

Have you ever sat there, a few years in after swapping your career for full time parenting, and wondered if you could start up your own business?

You are at a point of complete and utter frustration.  Your kids mean the world to you but you need something to stimulate you.  Something that makes you feel like a bright, sparky, intelligent, fun woman who is not just ‘mum’.  Something that has meaning and purpose that doesn’t revolve around school runs, solving the “what’s for tea?” question, and picking up endless clothes and toys that have been stuffed in places even Santa would struggle to find.

You’ve considered going back to work but along with the question of childcare and school holidays, it doesn’t feel like a world you want to go back to.  Somewhere along the line, you’ve enjoyed the freedom of not having a boss, been relieved to not be part of office politics and quite frankly, corporate life just doesn’t have an appeal anymore.

So then you toy with being your own boss.  Could that hobby that everyone says you are so fabulous at turn into a business?  Could your design skills, computer genius, love of organisation or whatever makes your heart skip a beat, become a fully fledged (I can really make money doing this) project?

Then along comes Negative Nancy.  She’s that voice that keeps chipping away at your enthusiasm and confidence telling you it cannot possibly work until finally you shelf the idea and carry on in a vicious circle of frustration with your current situation and feelings.

Yet, the fact that you are a mother means that actually, you are in a better situation than you think.  You have your experience to draw on.  Let me explain.

Remember when your baby was due?  Do you remember the overwhelming number of choices and options around ‘baby stuff’?  Then eventually you discovered that a lot of it was not really necessary, either for your child or bank balance.  You may also have overthought your child’s future and all the ‘what ifs’ until you ended up questioning your decisions and abilities as a parent (and human being).

As your child grew older, you started to realize that their development and needs evolve.  You adapted and got new products, information, services etc. as needed.  It’s a series of different steps which, if you got everything that was ever needed at the very beginning, you would be bankrupt and a crying mess in the corner of a room!

Starting a new business is no different.  There is no end of information, misinformation, people and companies competing for your money with the latest app, product or service.

The only difference is with a baby, there is no going back!  BUT you got through it and if you can get through the toughest job is the world, then starting a business is going to be a breeze!

There is a lot of information and noise around getting a new business up and running which can sometimes overwhelm and prevent you from actually starting up.  So with that in mind, myself and Carli Wall (owner of Synergy Business Support) have developed BUSINESS STARTUP: KNOWLEDGE, CONFIDENCE, SUCCESS that will simplify the process by giving you the knowledge you actually need and the strategies to build your confidence.

We want to give you what you really need to know.  No frills, no unnecessary extras, no complicated jargon.  Just what you need to get you up and running.  Nothing more, nothing less.


·  If that little voice in your head is still wondering, “what if I started my business?”

·  Or you still feel a little flutter of excitement at the thought of turning your ideas into a business.

·  If the thought of being your own boss makes your heart sing.

·  You hear regret in your voice when you talk about how you gave up on your dream ideas.

·  If you keep telling yourself that you would rather try something, rather than do nothing.


Because we love action takers, until the 18th April only, you can grab yourself a £10 discount.  Just enter EARLYBIRD into the ‘redeem coupon’ box on the booking form to get your discount.

Click on the link below to learn more about BUSINESS STARTUP: KNOWLEDGE, CONFIDENCE, SUCCESS and book your spot.

If you have any questions about the event, please do drop us a line at or

We look forward to seeing you soon,
Michelle & Carli

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