Why Facebook groups have celebrate days

One of the things that I encourage my clients to do is increase and/or change the way they build relationships and connections.  Finding an online social media tribe that resonates with you or that has the help and support you may need is up there at the top of my list of suggestions.

I’m a member of a few online groups and for the most part, these groups will generally have some theme to each day and one that crops up with the most regularity, generally at the end of the week, is a ‘celebrate’ theme.  My member Facebook group is no exception to this.

As hosts of these groups, we know the value of this.  Yes, there really is a purpose to this theme (and all the others I may add) and while it may seem a little frivolous or it’s been put there as an afterthought, it is probably the most important theme a group could have.  We put it there with intention.  Why?


No, really, we do.

Chances are, the host has walked the path you are about to walk, shares similar lifestyles and they have been there, done it, worn the t-shirt.  We know what you are already telling yourself, the obstacles you may encounter and the challenges you face.  We have so got your back.   The reason these groups are set up is to support you but we also want to teach you to support yourself.

Put your defensive boxing gloves away, I’m not trying to insult you here.

Let me explain.

As mothers, we are doing our ‘job’ within our own prescribed job description and I can pretty much guarantee that a large percentage have a ‘well that’s just what we have to do as mothers’ attitude.  Well as an attitude, that kind of sucks.

Think it through logically and humour me here – if you were an ‘employee’, then it’s reasonable to assume that you get paid, get support or mentoring to help you with your role, get clear directives and guidelines, regular reviews to keep you on track and acknowledgement for a job well done.

Given that we are effectively our own boss, should we not take this onboard and cut our ‘employee’ self some slack?  Trust me, if you were a boss in a company, you’d fail big time with your attitude to yourself!

So back to, “we care” and the “support yourself” bit.

When any host or group members say well done, they genuinely mean it and think that whatever you have done is the best thing since sliced bread.

I could sing your praises until the cows come home and I will, but unless you can see and acknowledge for yourself what you achieve, then it becomes white noise.

YOU need to start recognising what great things you are doing and acknowledging them.  And trust me, everything counts.  Not just the big, important, shit! did I really do that moments but all the smaller stuff really counts such.  Think, I managed 10 minutes exercise 3 x this week.  Those small steps add up to and get you to the bigger goals.

When you sit down and think about the questions, “What have I achieved?”, “What has gone well this week?”, you start to realise that, holy guacamole, there have been some highs, that you have overcome an obstacle, that you have learnt something new (you fill in whatever works for you here).  Just like building a muscle, the more you do it, the more development you see

Most of all, when you acknowledge yourself, that is true power.  As your self belief and support grows, magic starts to happen.

And as hosts, we really care about that.



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