Navigating Motherhood

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I’ll be frank, being a mother is not something I have always enjoyed nor did it come to me naturally.  It was the hugest shock and biggest blow to my ego that I could never have imagined possible. Yes, I absolutely love my kids and think they are brilliant individuals that continue to amaze me and make me smile. But I am just one of those individuals who does not thrive under… Read More

Is Life Just Happening or are YOU Happening?

Now I am happy to speak all day on the fact that some of the corporate world have yet to leap into the 21st century when it comes to their attitudes and policies regarding mothers who have just had children or want to return to the work force. However, I have no control over these companies and their policies, I only have control over what I choose to think and the actions… Read More

Why There is Perfection in Difference

Photo source: Heidi Lender. It’s funny – there is this concept ‘out there’ of a perfect mother.  How do I know this?  Because there is so much criticism in the media of how so many of us are doing it wrong that there has to be a perfect ‘right’ way – hasn’t there? As if we do not feel enough internal guilt, there is the media’s favourite past time of vilifying mothers:… Read More