How starting a small business is just like having a baby!

Have you ever sat there, a few years in after swapping your career for full time parenting, and wondered if you could start up your own business? You are at a point of complete and utter frustration.  Your kids mean the world to you but you need something to stimulate you.  Something that makes you feel like a bright, sparky, intelligent, fun woman who is not just ‘mum’.  Something that has meaning and… Read More

Why I won’t apologize for going AWOL on social media.

  So I have been silent for quite a while and taken a long hiatus from social media, choosing to reflect on the direction I want my business to go and working behind the scenes.   The polite thing to have done was to say something and let you know I was going temporarily silent especially when you have elected to follow me.  The truth is, I didn’t actually know exactly ‘why’ I… Read More

Why trusting the process is important.

There are times in your life when it just feels like the universe is conspiring to constantly kick you in the teeth.  That no matter what you do, it’s a 1 step forward, 2 steps back kind of feeling.  It can feel really hard to stay positive and keep moving forward.  Now it may not feel like it at the point of pain, but things will improve and I always say, trust… Read More

How grocery shopping can reduce your overwhelm.

I don’t know about you but there have been times when I have not felt like I can cope with my feelings.  Occasions when the sense of overwhelm, quite simply, overwhelms. The mind goes into overdrive and problems become insurmountable. You see more obstacles than solutions.  Your angst causes you to wake up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.  You feel out of control. And as… Read More

5 simple things you can do to create stress free school holidays

Ah, the school holidays.  For me, it’s about not having a repetitive routine, enjoying lazy days and later nights, relaxing the rules and enjoying some quality time with kids, friends and family.  My aim is always to have a stress free school holiday. Every family does their school holidays differently but I have noticed that there are some mums that are ‘over doers’ which can generate guilt, stress, financial burden and a… Read More

Simple things you can do to nurture your mind and body

  Being a mum is hard work and then add into the mix, creating a new working venture and all of a sudden, you forget the most important person.  You. It is so important to nurture your mind and body.  To create space and time for you.  Self-nurturing will give you a sense of worth, peace, calmness but also, will mean that you are in a place where you can cope better… Read More

3 tips to get you through a tough work day.

As many benefits as there are to working and having an identity apart from being ‘mum’, there are days which can be tough, especially if you are going solo.  You might just want to throw the towel in or wonder why you are doing what you do or simply want to hide under the duvet and stick your fingers in your ears! Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean it will always… Read More

3 Purposeful steps to finding your passion.

Many mums struggle to know what it is they really want to do – they just know they need to do ‘something’.  Something that doesn’t involve housework.  Something that is so far removed from being ‘mum’, that they can actually, for a few hours, be a different version of themselves.  Something that will stimulate, motivate and with a bit of luck, earn some money. What I frequently see and hear, is people… Read More

Self-employed or employee? Great reasons to do either.

So, you’re starting to think about working options and on one hand, you like the idea of leaving the house for a few hours and joining the outside world.  On the other hand, you’ve got a creative itch you want scratch and creating your own business could be the way to go. Whatever way you want to go, that is, being an employee or becoming self-employed, will bring about differing environments, experiences… Read More

How to find the initial finances for a micro business

You’ve got the idea. You have a clear vision of where it could take you.  You positively pulling at the bit with enthusiasm to get started. Then you realise that money is tight. The doubts creep in. You wake up at stupid o’clock, your mind whirling and negative voices whispering in your ear.  Those hours between 2am and 4am can be soul destroying. Money feels like the major issue coming between you… Read More