Beyond the School Gate


My debut book is a must read for all Mums.  

Have you recently been feeling like your home life is not as exciting as it once was? Do you want more out of your life but unsure what that will mean to your family and relationships? Are you wondering if there is a life beyond the washing pile and ‘to do’ lists? You are dreaming that you would like to feel more creative and stimulated?

Like many Mums, you could be feeling unfulfilled and lost yet are failing to see what other options you have. It’s ok! You’re not alone.

This must read book will give you the strategies for kicking that washing pile into the corner, the blueprint to shoving those negative beliefs and self-doubts in the bin, it will dust you down, polish you up and really get to the heart of who you are and what YOU truly crave out of YOUR life.

The days of settling for second best and putting everyone first have to change.

There really is life beyond the School Gate....


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