Hi, I’m Michelle Kuklinski, the founder of GrowwithMK and serial experimenter – I love to try new and different things from craft to cooking, cultural experiences to challenging reading and not forgetting trying new hair colours!! I originally hail from London, have spent the last eight and a half years living in Melbourne and now reside in Hertfordshire. Prior to family life, I was active in the corporate world, mainly banking and oil – yes, real people do work in those huge shiny buildings!! Family life brought about a change of priorities and whilst I was determined to be around for my family, I always knew that I wouldn’t be content with that as my sole role. For a short time, I returned to the corporate world but the demands and some of the values did not suit my life at that point. Hence, I became a serial entrepreneur creating business opportunities that fitted in with my other life commitments. So whilst finishing a degree in psychosocial studies and furthering my learnings in human development, I also grew my list of expertise and success in other areas: party plan consultant, child minder (family day care provider) and jewellery designer (which I still love to do!) – if I thought I could do it, enjoy it and bring something to others, then I wanted to do it!! I have always been drawn to being creative, been curious about human behaviour and what makes us tick – after all, everyone’s favourite subject is ‘me’. I heard so many mums lament that they love their kids but missed what working life gave them but did not want to go back to that ‘old world.’ I always thought, I know what you mean, been there, felt the pain and got the t-shirt but also realised that I had found different ways of navigating the maze of motherhood whilst sustaining my own desire to have something for 'me' outside of being a mum. And there was my light bulb moment, if I could do it, then so can others and if they are not able to, then I can help them. Hence GrowwithMK was born – a coaching company that utilises creativity, human behaviour expertise and experience in facilitating resourceful solutions to that confusing dilemma that often comes up for women raising families – “what about me?” I really look forward to working with you and assisting you through your journey - I can’t wait to see what you will find – there is always something exciting at the foot of that rainbow!!!