5 Reasons why books should be in your start up budget.

If you’ve read my book, then you know I talk about building a realistic budget for your start-up venture – effectively an ‘essential needs’ versus ‘nice to have’.

One thing I suggest you allow for in your budgets is resource books.  In other words, books that will give you knowledge and inspiration to grow your venture.

And here’s why:

  • You might find your self utilizing social media for information but that can quickly become overwhelming and a bit like looking up your medical symptoms online i.e. there’s a lot of misinformation or stuff that’s just not applicable for you right now. When you select a book, chances are you are in a shop or a library so by default, you are more likely to make a more considered choice on whether the book holds relevant or interesting content for you.  You are also able to compare at the same time with other books.
  • Books have normally gone through more of a ‘vetting’ process aka publisher, editor, proof reader and therefore the content will have gone through a more rigorous correcting process to ensure quality of information.
  • Your points of reference and recommendation are more likely to be from a recognized and reliable source such as other authors and publications.
  • Writing a book is a long process and not a cheap one. Therefore, the author has invested in that process and wants you to have the best they can give so they have a return on their investment.
  • You can choose where, when and how you read. A book is always there, ready and waiting for you.
  • They can inspire you to start, to carry on when things get tough and show you that you are actually more normal than you thought!

Not sure what books you should be reading?

  • Think about what specific knowledge you want or what problem you are experiencing. So, for example, if you are struggling with social media, then you will need a book on how to do Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Do you question whether you have got what it takes? Then look for an autobiography on a person you admire or aspire to be.  Anita Roddick (Body Shop) and J K Rowling (Author) sprint to mind as great examples.

If you are really struggling to find something I suggest you check out the Dummy guides.  These books are brilliantly simple and topics are written assuming you know nothing – there is a dummy book for just about everything.  Have a look at their website for more info: www.dummies.com

4 Comments on “5 Reasons why books should be in your start up budget.

  1. I so agree with this, books continue to pay back every day. Well, the right books do! I am a huge fan of the Do Books, small but always packed with info. Do Open and Do Purpose are ones I recommend all the time.

    • Thanks for the tip Helen, not had a look at those so will do soon asap!

  2. This really resonates with me. After the kids I found it really tough to get through a book. But now they are my saviour. Im still quite old fashioned in the sense that I love a real book rather than a kindle!

    • Nothing beats the the smell of a new book for me!! And I do like to be able to flick through pages. I was resistant to the kindle for ages but was bought one for a present and I have to say I love it for travelling with and find it useful if reading in the middle of the night (my strategy for getting back to sleep) as then I am not putting on a brighter bedside light. Some books don’t translate so well on a kindle such as cookbooks.

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