3 Purposeful steps to finding your passion.

Many mums struggle to know what it is they really want to do – they just know they need to do ‘something’.  Something that doesn’t involve housework.  Something that is so far removed from being ‘mum’, that they can actually, for a few hours, be a different version of themselves.  Something that will stimulate, motivate and with a bit of luck, earn some money.

What I frequently see and hear, is people seeking to find their passion but doing nothing about it.

It’s talked about in an abstract manner: “When I find my passion………”, “When I know what I want to do……”, “When my passion finds me……”.  There seems to be an expectation that one morning you are going to wake up and kapow! you have your passion.

Hate to be the one that breaks it to you but really, that’s not going to happen.

Finding out what you really want to do happens by design not by accident.  By waiting for inspiration to hit you, you are potentially missing out on opportunities to discover what you are passionate about.

So how do you ‘design’ passion?

There is no 1 single thing you can do and different things work for different people but here are my top three strategies that in combination, will get you a long way towards finding that elusive ‘thing’:

Purposeful Step 1

  • Take action – try different things that appeal to you.  Whether it’s a hobby to start off with and then becomes a paid gig, like photography, making clothes or jewellery, give it a go. If it’s a paid gig, just remember, nothing has to be permanent.  You can always try something else but in the meantime, you are working towards knowing what you do and don’t enjoy.

Purposeful step 2

  • Write, draw and write some more – free wheel ideas and commit to paper whether in the form of lists, mind maps, mood board or a combination. This should be a continual process not a 5 minute one (unless that proverbial thunderbolt hits you immediately!).  Firstly, write (or draw) down what you love doing regardless of whether you think you can be paid for it.  It doesn’t matter how random, if you love it, put it down.  Then think about how you could utilise those things you like.  Join some dots and see what you come up with.  Again, really free flow and don’t get caught up with standardised notions i.e. what you think you ‘should’, rather that want you ‘want’ to do. For example, it hit me the other day that I could spend hours with fabric & accessories, looking at quirky and unusual combinations that work well that might not be obvious.  It’s a skill that seems to come naturally and I have been a go to on certain occasions for this.  I don’t necessarily want to be an interior designer but I could probably have a play and post on Instagram or Pinterest for a bit of fun and see where that leads.  It’s a side gig/bit of fun because I am curious and enjoy doing it BUT potentially if people like what I do, who knows……….

Purposeful step 3

  • What would you do for nothing? Sure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to earn an income.  But most of us can do that regardless of whether we enjoy it or not.  If money was no object, what would you do for free or knowing that there was no financial gain?  What do you spend your spare time doing or if you had any spare time, what would you do?  You will probably find that this will make things looks a lot clearer providing you are honest.  This is for you remember, no-one is looking or judging.

Finding your passion is an evolving process and can change over time.  Don’t get hung up on finding ‘the one’ passion or assume that it is just one thing.  You can have several passions.  The fun is in finding out, think of all the things you will do, read and listen to whilst you are finding your path – what an adventure.

If you have found this useful then you are going to love the book I have written, Beyond the schoolgate – when being a mum is not enough.   This book is a quick and easy read that gives you the precise steps you need to take to move you from fed up and frustrated mum to a woman who knows what she wants and who she is.




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