When you want to give up on your dreams, think of Beau.

I walk a husky on a regular basis who being very prey driven, loves to hunt and catch mice.  Beau is extremely successful at achieving this. Now let me give you a bit of context here.  Beau is not freely wandering the Siberian wilderness under his own steam with all the time in the world.  Beau is kept on a lead (he’s an escape artist, he has myself and Lily legs close… Read More

The only reason you are sacrificing your true calling.

You are bored, unsatisfied and probably need some extra income.  Your heart is singing out to try something new that will excite you, stimulate you, allow you to be around the kids and be your own boss.  Sounds fantastic.  So why then do you end up looking through the job ads looking for something you can do standing on your head, giving endless justifications for stomping on and sacrificing what could potentially… Read More